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The New CPS Foundation Website

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Welcome to the new Central Pain Syndrome Foundation website. We are working to make our site a well-designed resource for CPS sufferers, supporters, the public, and medical professionals.

In keeping with the CPSF’s motto “You Are Not Alone” our front page features pictures and info about a few CPS sufferers and supporters. Here are links to each of their pages.

Now that we have a professional-looking website we will post here regularly. We will report on the progress of the CPS Foundation as we progress toward non-profit status. We will share medical information about CPS and pain. We will share the biographies, stories, poetry, videos, and art of CPS sufferers.

Please share this website and new posts as we add them.

We will make this website into an important resource in our battle to defeat the agony of Central Pain Syndrome.

If you suffer from Central Pain Syndrome or support a CPSer we would love to share your picture and story. Leave a comment on  this page.
CPS sufferer Scott Davis designed our logo. CPS supporter Mandy Dumins created most of the graphics.


  1. Mely says:

    OMG!!! I started tearing up when I found this website! The the song Breath in Breathe out by Mat Kearney started playing. My new theme song. Here are the lyrics:

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    Tell me all of your doubts,
    & Everybody bleeds this way,
    Just the same.

    Breathe in, breathe out,
    Move on and break down,
    If everyone goes away i will stay.

    We push and pull,
    & I fall down sometimes,
    I’m not letting go,
    You hold the other line.

    Cause there is a light in your eyes, in your eyes.

    Hold on hold tight,
    From out of your sight,
    If everything keeps moving on, moving on,
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    I’m not letting go,
    You hold the other line.

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    & everything under the stars is in your arms.

    Cause there is a light, in your eyes in your eyes.
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  2. Mely says:

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